Position Name
Board Operator 

Function: Ops & Maintenance
Department: Plant
Section: Operations
Location: Plant
Reporting To: Shift Supervisor


  • To carry out all assigned activities within area of concern in a safe and reliable manner that will ensure Marafiq meeting its contractual commitments (in terms of quantity and quality of supplied utilities to the off takers).


Taking Effective Actions

Take all effective actions to ensure the production and dispatch of electricity and desalinated water at DRPIC and other facilities as instructed by the Shift Supervisor.

Performing Duties Efficiently

Perform all duties that will assure a safe, efficient, and reliable operation of the Power and Water Plant.
Conduct all planned and unplanned activities during the shift with respect to Marafiq’s approved Procedures, Emergency Operations guidelines, etc.
Implement the equipment periodical change-over plan.

Report Writing & Reporting Concerns

Raise concerns about Plant technical condition, reporting them effectively to the supervisory line and follow up on corrective actions undertaking as needed.
Compile comprehensive Operations & Maintenance reports (breakdowns, incidents, shift hand-over), review and inform supervisory line of any issues/disturbances and maintain a log of the activities (electronic or handwritten).
Implement the reports’ conclusions and recommendations issued by other concerned departments (such as Chemistry team, HSE, etc.)

Following Up on Activities

Follow up with Planning and Maintenance teams to ensure that all activities are scheduled and carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

Providing Guidance & Assistance

Provide guidance to new joiners and trainees in performing their duties during their on-job training program.
Assist the Shift Supervisor in conducting periodical appraisal of the Shift team.

Coordination & Efficient Interaction

Ensure efficient interaction with off-takers’ focal points in relation to utilities dispatching and any other common activity which requires interfacing.
Coordinate and follow up, as instructed by the Supervisory line, with any contractor related to Company’s specific activities (i.e., planned and unplanned outages, liquid fuel and chemicals unloading, etc.).
Coordinate with the Field Operators for any operational issues.

Handover to Next Shift

Ensure the appropriate and timely hand-over of all information, activities, and inventory to the upcoming shift’s team.

IT Policies Adherence

Observe and adhere at all time to Company IT policy, ensuring proper utilization of Company’s assets and information.
Conduct Distributed Control System (DCS) troubleshooting, propose solutions and take corrective actions.

Safety Adherence

Monitor the equipment conditions, analysing trends and alarms summary.
Be responsible for safe isolations, temporary and permanent restoration of all equipment under the Operator’s supervision, testing, etc.
Be responsible for safe implementation and carry-out of Permit-To-Work system, sanctions for tests, stroking tests, etc.


Policies & Procedures 

Comply with the implementation of departmental policies and procedures, to ensure that all relevant procedural and legislative requirements are fulfilled.

Health, Safety & Quality

Comply with all relevant health, safety and quality requirements, in order to guarantee employee safety and legislative compliance.
Observe and adhere at all time to Company QHSE policies, ensuring appropriate PPE usage, report any incidents that occurred in own area of responsibility.

Continuous Improvement

Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘leading best practices’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.



Shift Supervisors
Field Operators
Planning Team
Maintenance Team
Operations Team
Information Technology (IT) Team




Educational & Professional Qualifications and Experience

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical/Electrical/Process Engineering or Higher National Diploma from a recognised University
Proficiency in English is a must, Arabic is a plus

Minimum Experience:

3 to 5 years of direct and relevant experience in a similar environment as Board (Control Room) Operator.
Extensive experience related to Power Generation, Reverse Osmosis Desalination and Wastewater Treatment processes.
Sufficient technical and operational experience to oversee the effective implementation and execution of the Operations plan.

Skills and Competencies

Generic Skills: Communication skills, Computer literacy (ERP), Microsoft tool (Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Word).

Job Specific Skills: Efficiency in Record Keeping & Reporting, Detail-oriented, Interpersonal skills, Cooperation, Initiator, Ability to work well under pressure, Knowledge of laws, rules, regulations, and environmental requirements applicable to the operation and maintenance of power and water plants

Behavioural Competencies: People Centricity, Integrity, Agility, Collaboration.

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