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Under the agreement that Marafiq entered into with Duqm SEZ in early 2014, Marafiq shall provide Utility services and develop competitive tariff structures for those services. These are the services that we can provide to Investors in the Duqm SEZ



• Electricity

• All types of water, including potable water, demineralized water, boiler feedwater, seawater, cooling water, and any other forms of water that industries and users may require

• District cooling

• Wastewater and sewage collection, as well as treatment services for the collected water

• Natural gas distribution

• Compressed air

• Industrial gases of all kinds, including hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide. This also includes other industrial gases (such as specialized gases) that industries and users may require

• Steam availability

• Industrial waste management, which may include waste incineration
• Utility services throughout the construction process, which may include providing assistance, support, and access to utility services for construction facilities and labor camps

• Planning, management, and maintenance of Service Corridors in an efficient manner

• Operation and management of the seawater intake, distribution, and outfall

• Other required utility services that the Duqm SEZ and Marafiq may agree to in the future


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